Watching TV While You Munch: When you are checking out on the television, your mindful eating goes down the tubes. Your senses that tell you you’re full are all focused on the TV in front of you. Most of the time this causes you to overeat.

H20 First Thing: Water first thing in the morning will help get your water levels up throughout the day. It will help push food on through your colon and make way for your day full of food. It will also help with energy levels and help blood sugars stabilized.

Overindulging in Dairy: Dairy first thing in the morning, especially milk, is adding significant amounts of sugar to your morning. Long term weight gain and bloating are just two of the side effects, so skip the dairy.

Whole Grains: “Whole grains” is a marketing term and can loosely be applied to foods if they contain some amount of whole grains. Don’t be fooled by whole grains. Any grain can be renamed “sugar” UNLESS it’s an actual whole grain like quinoa.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Watching TV while you eat can cause overeating and lack of a full sensation.

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