As we continue going through some common breakfast mistakes, remember that not eating anything for breakfast is far worse than eating something that’s not ideal.

Don’t Over Do It On The Fiber: Fiber for breakfast is a great choice. Leaving you fuller longer, and helping lower blood sugar levels, keeping you in fat burn mode. However, overdoing it on the fiber first thing can leave you feeling a little gassy. Be sure to drink lots of water to help move things along in your digestive tract.

Trendy BulletProof Coffee: Many people have started replacing breakfast with this caffeine filled, high calorie drink. Here’s why we don’t agree with this trend: There are very few nutrients being introduced. While bulletproof coffee will leave you feeling full in theory, without the fiber and nutrients, it’s not going to help your waistline in the long run.

Granola On The Go: The base for granola is sugar, because it is a grain. To make matters worse, there tends to be a lot of extra sugar added to help with the taste of granola. Oats straight from a feed store are going to be your best bet – they have the least amount of processing happening.

Eating Just to Eat: While we want to keep our blood sugars from crashing by not waiting too long, you also don’t want to eat just to eat. Listening to you body is key. Waiting a least 2 hours to eat between meals, but not going any longer than 4 hours to eat.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Breakfast can make or break your day. Here are some helpful ways to set yourself up right.

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