Breakfast is the most important meal of day for many reasons. One being that it sets the tone for your entire day. Skipping breakfast can be more harmful than eating something that’s not nutritious. Here are some helpful ways to set your day off right.

Avoid Coffee Creams: This is a common mistake most people make. It is a no brainer “extra” but really coffee creams add a ton of addition fat, calories, and sugar.

Energy Drinks: This is a massive no no. While it is a quick shot of energy there are several health risks associated with energy drinks. If you need caffeine and aren’t a coffee fan, try an herbal tea instead.

Too Much Salt: So many of our beloved breakfast foods are packed with salt: Bacon, quick oats, hashbrowns. While salt is a necessary mineral, too much salt makes us retain water. If you need more flavor to your eggs, try mixing it up with some spices instead of overloading the salt.

Too Much Food: While skipping breakfast is a no no, overdoing it on the breakfast can actually leave your digestive system overworked. Having small meals frequently throughout the day gives your body time to space out the caloric intake and take its time digesting.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when done right.

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