why-you-are-hungryThere are many reasons you could cause you to be hungry.

Lack of Protein: Protein plays an important role in appetite control by regulating your hunger hormones. Eating more protein regularly will decrease regular hunger.

Lack of Sleep: Sleep deprivation is known to cause fluctuations in your hunger hormone levels and may leave you feeling hungry more frequently.

Too Many Refined Carbs: Refined carbs lack fiber and cause blood sugar fluctuations, which are the primary reasons why eating too many of them may leave you feeling hungry.

Lack of Healthy Fats: Not having enough fat in your daily intake because fat plays a role in slowing digestion and increasing the production of fullness-promoting hormones.

Not Enough Water: Not drinking enough water also plays a role. That’s because it has appetite-reducing properties. Additionally, it is possible that you are mistaking feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger.

Not Enough Fiber: Lacking fiber can make you hungry. This is because fiber plays a role in reducing your appetite and keeping you full.

Alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol may cause you to feel hungry frequently due to its role in decreasing the production of hormones that promote fullness.

Liquid Foods: Liquid foods do not have the same effects on keeping you full and satisfied as solid foods do. For this reason, you may feel hungry frequently if liquids are a major part of your diet.

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