And the drumroll please…..

2.2lbs of FAT and 8lbs total!

I am very pleased with this week’s results – I really worked on timing meals / snacks per my trainers suggestions, while adding to the recipe collection.  Learning of the week: BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION

What do I mean by that?  Part of the HLS success is from coaching change through education and then subsequent behavior modification based on this education.  My educational “a-ha” moment was to find something else to do in the evenings other than eat in front of TV.  So – I joined my church choir!  I’ve always been interested, but always had a reason why not to spend the hours in practice and rehearsal.  With the goal of something new, non-food related, this was a perfect activity.  I’ve enjoyed the new acquaintances, the challenge of learning to read music again, and the joy of participating in an activity I’m really enjoying that is NOT about food!

But – I still need to get more activity in.  We’ve been hiking on the weekends, and I walk the dog – but my next biggie is revisiting my Couch to 5K program.  I did this successfully last summer, then “fell off the exercise wagon”.  So now it’s time to start again.  And, I’m roping my husband and son into doing it with me – another behavior modification!  I’ll keep you all posted…

Here’s my recipe du jour – made it yesterday seeing all the lovely asparagus on sale:

Cream of Asparagus Soup

3 Leeks – trimmed, washed
3lbs Asparagus – washed, snapped and cut to 1″ sections

Saute in 1tsp butter / olive oil till soft.

Add chicken broth or vegetable broth to cover (I put in 4+ cups).  Simmer 10min or  till asparagus is knife soft.

Add salt and pepper to taste (always after simmering – not before as the reduction in liquid can heighten the seasoning), 1/4 c chopped mint, 1 lemon zested.

Puree in batches in blender or with stick blender until smooth.  Top with small tsp of greek yogurt (plain) if desired and a squeeze of lemon juice.  AMAZING!

What’s your behavior modification plans / successes?

In health – Monika