Before we get started, it should first be noted that you should always consult your doctor before changing up any medication regimen. These facts are purely here to aid to a healthy diet, not to replace a physician’s recommendation.

It is helpful to know that medication isn’t the only answer to helping lower cholesterol levels. Food can actually be a great source for this! Here are a few:

Onions: There is a compound found in onions called quercetin, It has been known to help lower cholesterol levels. Be sure to remember onions are a starch though, and be sure not to over do it!

Mushrooms and Garlic: Increase your flavors while you help lower cholesterol levels in the process.

Avocados: Healthy fats, “can lower total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (aka bad cholesterol), and triglycerides”.

Peppers: The compound capsaicin found in peppers have been shown in several studies linked to helping lower cholesterol levels.

These are common, easy foods to toss into salads, roast in the oven, or even eat on the go! High amounts of nutrients as well.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Help Lower your cholesterol with food! The way nature designed it.

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