Q: Is there a minimum class size?

A: In order for a class to begin we must have a minimum of 15 registrants. Class start dates are subject to change if more time is needed for a class to have the minimum number of students.

Q: How does drinking alcohol affect my weight?

A: Alcohol spikes your blood sugar rapidly putting your body in fat storage mode. Additionally alcohol causes your liver to get drunk and prevents it from metabolizing. This causes more fat storage.

Q: I want to gain weight. Can Healthy Lifestyle Secrets help?

A: Yes! HLS is more than just a weight loss company. We are a nutrition academy educating people on how to feed their bodies nutritionally in order to support optimum health. For many people they need to lose non-essential body fat while others need to gain essential...

Q: Why does Jump Start work so well?

A: Jump start uses proteins that are harder to digest, which forces the liver to work harder at a metabolic level. This creates a higher thermogenic effect, which is what causes the rapid weight loss.

Q: Do I have to take pills?

A: There are no pills required in the HLS program. We will make supplemental recommendations and will advise you to discuss further with your physician based on blood work and lab results.