One of the best ways I’ve found to keep on track is to write everything down. Water consumption, fiber consumption, what I’ve had for meals – then check back to make sure all my nutrients were covered for the day.   So how does one do this on the go – and quickly?

I had a friend recommend MyFitnessPal and it is AMAZING!  Unlike many sites that you have to look up portions / calories / etc., this site is pre-loaded with tons of products, ingredients, items to make tracking a breeze.  Both the company and users add items, so it’s still a good idea to double check against your listings.

Another neat feature of this tool – it keeps track of your frequently listed items, and offers these as “quick” posts.  Available on “i” apparatuses, Droid platforms, and even Blackberry phones, these are good for those on the go.

So what’s your favorite tool?  Is it a scale, a recording device, a cooking implement?  Share, and help others on the journey!

In health – Monika