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Ways to Cut Calories While Preparing Foods


  • healthy lifestyle cooking tipsTrim all the fat from meat before cooking.
  • For pan-frying, use a pan with a nonstick finish to eliminate or reduce the need for fat.
  • If frying in a regular pan, sprinkle the bottom with salt or use very little fat.
  • To render more than fat by frying, broil meat that you normally would pan-fry, even as a first step to stews. If meat is browned in a pan, drain off all fat before adding other ingredients.
  • When preparing soups, stews, or meat in sauces, allow time to refrigerate the mixture until the fat congeals and can be entirely removed and discarded.
  • Rather than sauteing vegetables in butter, margarine or oil, cook them in a small amount of water with herbs or in bouillon.
  • For meat glazes and other uses, choose juice packed canned fruits instead of those packed in heavy syrup. You can also use unsweetened juices and applesauce.
  • Use tuna fish that has been packed in water rather than in oil or wash oil off packed tuna.
  • For salads and marinating or basting poultry or meats, use a bottled low-calorie dressing. Marinating before cooking also eliminates the need for using fat.
  • When broiling or baking fish, use wine, bouillon, or lemon juice instead of butter.

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"In February 2011, HLS came to Kirkpatrick Middle School and invited us to try out their program. A friend of mine was interested in trying it out and asked if I would join her. I have always had trouble with my weight, and I had tried numerous diets to try to get the weight off, all to no avail. I figured, “Why not try yet another diet? It couldn't hurt. And if nothing else, maybe I’ll lose 10-15 pounds.” Nine months and 115 pounds later, I realized that this isn’t a diet. This is a lifestyle. I have changed howSally Kelley

I am in still in the process of losing but know how to do it. I am excited to make this a life plan and stop the yo-yoing. Kathy McKenzie Dallas, TX I am excited to make this a life plan

When I started I had a pretty good base knowledge of what was healthy and what wasn’t. i used to be able to lose weight easily, but I’m now 38 and it is so much harder. This program was a jump start of me getting back into super shape! I lost 7.4 pounds and 6.2 of those were fat! I will continue to use the knowledge I learned from here forward. Shannon O’Brien Lantana, TXThis program was a jump start of me getting back into super shape!

Back in June of 2014 – I started out horrible over weigh, out of shape and on meds for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux. 3 weeks into the first time I took the class, I was off acid reflux med, and reducing my diabetes medicine. By the end of the first time, I was down from 4 pills of Metformin to only 1. My blood sugar has evened out and is so much lower and about 3 weeks after the class, my blood work showed my cholesterol is great and my blood pressure is great andI’m down a total of 52.4 lbs.

Started in Dec – hard, but made my New Year’s more productive! I’m waiting to see about reduction in medications. Keep your fingers crossed. I will NEVER eat the same way I used to AGAIN! Tracy FisherMade my New Year’s more productive!

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