Amanda Hutchens
Amanda started in March of 2018.
To date she has lost:
63 lbs
14.1% Fat
Total of 25.2 lbs. of Fat!

Tracy-Fischer-2019Tracy Fisher
Tracy started in December 2014.
By August she had lost:
50 lbs.
15.3% fat
Total of 43.4 lbs. of fat!

Monette-MulihillMonette Mulvihill
Monette started Fall 2015.
To date she’s lost:  50.2 lbs.
10.9% fat
Total of 41 lbs. in fat

BK-Sloan-2019B.K. Sloan
B.K. started Spring 2015.
To date she’s lost:
41.6 lbs.
12% Fat
Total of 34.8 lbs. of Fat

George Evans
George started January 2016
To date he’s lost:
32.8 lbs.
8.2 % fat
25.4 lbs. of fat

jake-wilkinsJake Wilkins
Jane Started September 2015
To date she’s lost:
28.2 lbs.
3.8 % fat
17.6 lbs. of fat

forbes-andersonForbes Anderson
Forbes started January 2016
To date he’s lost: 31.6 lbs.
5.1 % fat
19.4 lbs. of fat

Suzanna-Reed-2019Suzanna Reed
Suzanna started in May 2015.
By August she had lost: 25.4 lbs.
7.1% fat
Total of 21.6 lbs. of fat!

Suzanne-PetersonSuzanne Peterson
Suzanne started Winter 2015.
To date she’s lost:  28.8 lbs.
6.8% fat
Total of 24 lbs. of fat

Melinda-Ramsey-2019Melinda Ramsey
Melinda has lost:
34 lbs.
10.8% fat
Total of 29.4 lbs. of fat!


Samantha Schultz
Samantha (left) started Spring 2015.
To date she’s lost: 45 lbs.
11.5% fat
Total of 38.6 lbs. of fat
Sandra Schultz
Sandra  (right) Started Summer 2015.
To date she’s lost: 39.6 lbs.
9.4% fat
Total of lbs. of fat

Lisa Anderson
Lisa started January 2016
To date she’s lost:
37.6 lbs.
3.5 % fat
27.2 lbs. of fat
Michelle Bufkin
Michelle started September 2015
To date she’s lost:
25.8 lbs.
7.6 % fat
23.4 lbs. of fat
Erin McCall
Eric started June 2015.
To date she’s lost:
28 lbs.
7.4% Fat
Total of 19.2 lbs. of Fat
Marny Blake
Marny started January 2016
To date she’s lost:
26.6 lbs.
6% fat
23 lbs. of fat

David Lawrence
David started in January 2015.
By August he lost:
60.2 lbs.
11.5% fat
Total of 46 lbs. of fat!

danika-morefield-2019Danika Morefield
Danika started March 2018.
To date she’s lost:
51.8 lbs.
10.9% Fat
Total of 40.5 lbs. of Fat

debra-richards-2019Debra Richards
Debra started September 2015.
To date she’s lost: 25.2 lbs.
2.2% Fat
Total of 16.8 lbs. of Fat

Vicki-Farrow-2019Vicki Farrow
Vicki started Spring 2015.
To date she’s lost:
32 lbs.
9.7% Fat
Total of 26.8 lbs. of Fat

Dianne-Lusk-2019Dianne Lusk
Dianne started March 2013.
To date she’s lost:
29.2 lbs.
6.2% Fat
Total of 23.4 lbs. of Fat

Babs Lawrence
Babs started in November 2014.
By August she had lost: 47.8 lbs.
12.2% fat
Total of 39.4 lbs. of fat!

mitzi-rudderow-2019Mitzi Rudderow
Mitzi started November 2015
To date she’s lost: 34.8 lbs.
9.9 % fat
29.2 lbs. of fat

Robert-Van-CleaveRobert Van Cleave
Robert started November 2015
To date he’s lost: 37.6 lbs.
10.7 % fat
32.2 lbs. of fat

Cindy Malouf
Cindy started February 2018.
To date she’s lost:
25.8 lbs.
7% Fat
Total of 22.4 lbs. of Fat

Kari-DollarKari Dollar
Kari started September 2014
To date she’s lost:
26.6 lbs.
3.1 % fat
15.8 lbs. of fat

Susan-HuttSusan Hutt
Susan started February 2016
To date she’s lost:
36.4 lbs.
3.7 % fat
27.2 lbs. of fat

priscilla-shellenbergerPriscilla Shellenberger
Priscilla started March 2016
To date she’s lost:
38 lbs.
11.7 % fat
33.4 lbs. of fat

Kat Stephens
Kat started September 2015.
To date she’s lost: 31.8 lbs.
6.7% Fat
Total of 22.4 lbs. of Fat
Carol Van Houten
Carol started January 2016
To date she’s lost:
42.8 lbs.
8.9 % fat
35.2 lbs. of fat
Erin Shaw
Erin started Fall 2015.
To date she’s lost:
45.8 lbs.
12.7% fat
Total of 36.6 lbs. of fat
Norma McCall
Norma started June 2015.
To date she’s lost:
25.2 lbs.
6% fat
Total of 18 lbs. of fat

This program was a jump start of me getting back into super shape!

When I started I had a pretty good base knowledge of what was healthy and what wasn’t. i used to be able to lose weight easily, but I’m now 38 and it is so much harder. This program was a jump start of me getting back into super shape! I lost 7.4 pounds and 6.2 of those were fat! I will continue to use the knowledge I learned from here forward.

Shannon O’Brien
Lantana, TX

I feel so much more energetic these days.

Just because you’re ‘thin’ doesn’t mean you are healthy. For YEARS I have cycled on & off of various fat-burners. Not just for the appetite suppressant but for the energy. One thing I noticed when taking these supplements was that various knots in my body would grow when I was on them and would shrink when I stopped. Sure, all of the advertisements touted the ‘safety’ of these products, yada, yada, yada, but REALLY?! If you have cysts in your hands and wrists that grow when you’re on a certain product, something isn’t right. But still I continued…. Honestly I liked the ‘buzz’. I would zoom through my work, zoom through the gym, zoom through my days. And then take a sleep aid so I could get some rest.
After my recent mammogram/biopsy scare which thankfully came back as a benign fibroidadanoma, I was determined to get away from fat-burners especially when my doctor confirmed that most cysts/lumps, etc. are ‘fed’ by sugar & caffeine and a lot of the chemicals that make up those types of supplements.

I am happy to say that I was able to lose 8 lbs. and 2.8% body fat by sticking to my profile (most of the time). No fat-burners, no harmful chemicals. I feel so much more energetic these days. This program is not a quick-fix. It is an educational process that we can apply to our lives and use every single day.

Tulsa, OK

HLS has changed my life

I have really enjoyed and learned so much the past 6 weeks. HLS has changed my life as well as my family in regards to food choices. We have lost our taste for sugar, bread & desserts. We drink water all day & our cabinets are stocked with vitamins & protein shakes instead of cookies & chips. I treasure the workbook & find myself reviewing it every night. I haven’t reached my goal yet but with Tammara & Jimmie’s encouragement I know I’ll get there. They have inspired me to stick with it. When I got stuck, they corrected me & pushed me on. They are great motivators & I highly recommend HLS.

Doreen Perez
Plano, TX

Hub International CFR Participant

Went to the dr for my 6 month checkup. She was laughing at me because I was talking all about our nutrition class and was so enthusiastic about it. Then when she checked my weight she squealed. I had lost 16 pounds since the last time she saw me. I am off my acid reflux meds now and in another 6 months she may reduce or eliminate a blood pressure med. Whoo Hoo! I know this sounds weird but I am not talking about this for a pat on the back. I am talking about it because of the change in my way of looking at nutrition and how proud I am of all of us for even considering changing our habits. I want to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Like my dr. said, she suggested healthy eating years ago but until I was ready to make a change it wasn’t going to happen. I like the fact that it is not a weight loss program. It is truly a life change program.

FWISD Teacher

“I heard about ‘magical inches lost’ from a friend of mine who did the program through her school. We both had the same issue of never being overweight but always having a few inches to lose in fat to be lean. I had gained 20 lbs. after I got married and had kept it on for three years. I wanted to give the program a shot. My expectations were to learn a lot about nutrition and to hopefully lose weight/inches in my fat mass. I had tried many things to get the weight off, but this program was what I needed. I am smaller today than I was on my wedding day! I am thrilled and owe it all to the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program. I continue to maintain with my meal plan and practice all the rules/guidelines now on my own. It is a lifelong commitment but is easy to adjust to in the right mind set. Thank you, Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, for the abundance of information and life lessons I have learned through your two courses. I will spread your praises for a lifetime!”

Jeff Tasker

“In November of 2012 I weighed 297 pounds–my diet was unhealthy, my energy level was low and my body was starting to show the effects of a lifetime of poor eating habits. I grew used to fat jokes, having to hold my breath to tie my shoes and feeling uncomfortable in small seats in theaters and stadiums. I expected people to avoid sitting next to me on airplanes. I resigned to the fact that I would probably not live a long life and that I would likely have health issues related to my weight for many years. Sadly and selfishly I did not believe my situation could change no matter how hard I tried and I accepted my condition. Then one day when my wife inspired me. She was attending a nutrition class in a neighbor’s home and I began to notice that whatever she was learning and doing was working. I began to see the changes in her body and her demeanor. She was having real success. I asked her if she would help me and she began trying to relay the lessons she was learning at HLS. The next time the class was offered my wife and I agreed to host the class in our home. Immediately I started learning that it was possible to change my habits and in-turn improve my health. Equipped with the knowledge of how my body processes food and the proper way to eat, I was able to lose 110 pounds over the next ten months! I went from 297 pounds with a 48 inch waist to 187 pounds and a 34 inch waist. I reduced my body fat percentage from over 40% to 18%. My blood pressure dropped from dangerously-high levels to normal levels. My resting heart rate fell and my cholesterol numbers drastically improved. I never thought I could be where I am today. I am the fittest I have ever been and I no longer feel destined to poor health. HLS gave me the knowledge and the methods to change my life forever. I have a wife and three children whom I love. I want to spend many healthy years with them–now I can.”

Leon & Karen Hudgeons

“A FWISD teacher shared information with us in our Sunday School classroom. We wanted to be a part of a healthy lifestyle change. We wanted to learn the ‘secrets’. Our expectation was to lose weight in a healthy manner.” In June 2011, Leon weighed 227.51 lbs., and Karen weighed 186.81 lbs. By November, Leon was down to 189.61 lbs., and Karen weighed in at 166.21 lbs. “HLS is a program that helps you lose weight and fat mass by consuming proper food, drinking plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables, and watching intake of fats, carbs and sugar. The program helps us to stay mindful of nutritional facts on product labels, evaluating quickly the food choices that assist in reducing fat mass and body weight.”

Tiffany Rogers

My weight was out of control, and our company offered a program that sounded like it would be easy to follow. Also, there were a lot of people that signed up for it, so I knew it would be easier for me to stay on this program. My expectations are to lose at least 50 lbs. on this program. I have not completed all the steps yet but have made it halfway in my weight loss goal. I will continue on to meet my goals. It’s a GREAT program, and if you follow it, you can be very successful in your weight loss results.

Sally Kelley

“In February 2011, HLS came to Kirkpatrick Middle School and invited us to try out their program. A friend of mine was interested in trying it out and asked if I would join her. I have always had trouble with my weight, and I had tried numerous diets to try to get the weight off, all to no avail. I figured, “Why not try yet another diet? It couldn’t hurt. And if nothing else, maybe I’ll lose 10-15 pounds.” Nine months and 115 pounds later, I realized that this isn’t a diet. This is a lifestyle. I have changed how and what I eat. I have more energy, and I feel amazing. I didn’t know that simply changing how and what I eat could have such an amazing effect on the body. I would recommend HLS to anyone, whether they are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or are happy with their weight. HLS changes how you look at food and educates you on how to lead a healthy life, starting with the foods that you eat.”