Sugar can lead to more ups than downs, also known as a sugar rush and crash. Taking in too much sugar, like eating a pint of ice cream, can make you feel good for a little bit. This would be the rush. Then afterword comes the crash. This is what can bring on the bad feelings. In some cases the processed sugar can cause feelings of worry, irritability, and sadness. It can be even stronger on those with depression or anxiety. With the insulin that is being released, and the body having to work harder to bring the blood sugar levels back to normal, it affects the emotional state as well.

The sugar imbalance can cause or increase anxiety in the body. This is a result of the body losing the ability to handle stress. For people suffering from depression, food could be a way to release the feel good hormones in the brain. The sugar can numb the negative feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, and sadness. Along with the physical health issues from having too much sugar, over time the sugar causes imbalance in the brain and can cause some mental health issues.

Sugar can cause addiction in the brain and body. Having withdrawal from sugar can cause panic attacks, fatigue, irritability, and even physical symptoms. Going through withdrawal from taking in a lot of sugar can wear down the brain. The highs and lows produced by the body trying to process the sugar can cause the brain to lose functionality.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Too much sugar can have negative effects on the mind. It can cause issues that can create or increase strong emotions.

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