How much sugar can the human body handle in a 24 hr. period?

What happens when you have had too much?

These questions are critical to the overall health of the human anatomy, and yet most of us have no idea how much sugar is being consumed on a daily basis. First, let’s consider the consequences: too much sugar in the blood stream, when allowed enough time to flow through the body, will reach the liver. When excess sugar reaches the liver, the liver converts it to fat and sends it to a fat cell for later use.

How much sugar can you process a day before the liver goes into conversion / storage mode?  Approx. 23 grams for the average adult.  Therefore, you should not consume more than 23 grams of sugar a day collectively. Keep in mind that a small/medium apple has 14 grams of sugar. But it’s good, fruit sugar – right?  NOPE – Sugar is sugar. There is no such thing as a healthy sugar so that justification does not work!

Keep sugar in check, keep your liver out of the sugar to fat conversion business.