So I had a rude shock yesterday at the gas station – and it wasn’t gas prices!

I had been running all day – had a small breakfast and pretty much non-existent lunch, and had NO protein powder stashed in my purse for a meal on the run.  So – as the tank was filling, I popped into the convenience store for something to eat.  After passing the deli sandwiches and yogurts – I saw the Slim Fast.  A cursory glance showed 180 calories and 10 grams of protein.  Looked good – spent my $2.12 and headed out the door.  It wasn’t until I was in the car, straw in the can and taken a sip – that I realized this was WAY to sweet – something was wrong.  Turning the can around – I re-read the nutrition, serving size and ingredients.

SUGAR was the 3rd ingredient – 18g of it!!!  AUGH!!!!

Realizing I was in danger of consuming icky – useless sugar grams – I promptly pitched the can in the nearest trash.

Once home – and after a proper protein shake – I refilled my on-the-go supply of sugar-safe protein powder – and vowed to let you all know of the dangers of sugar in “diet food”.  As our trainer told us:

1.  Don’t drink your calories / sugar

2.  Read the label carefully!

Thanks HLS!