square-watermelonsIn the US, when we buy watermelons we want the biggest one we can find. Well in Japan they put a whole new twist to watermelons. People give watermelons as gifts and then use it as a pinata or “suikawari”. Then there are those that are just for luxury and come at a cost. Watermelons can cost anywhere from $10 to upward of $500.

In Japan they were having a problem fitting the round watermelons into their refrigerators. So a farmer from Zentsuji came up with the idea of square watermelons. Though depending on the market the price can be around $100. Japan also only lets perfect fruits go to market anything else is thrown away. Now, you can buy a heart, pyramid, calabash, and a circular bomb. That can be found in both large and small sizes.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: People in Russia will pay over $800 for a shaped watermelon from Japan.

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