Life gets busy. We get lost in our corporate worlds, kid’s soccer games, making sure we’re eating healthy, and exercising on a daily basis. What is most often forgotten about is sex! It’s time to reconsider taking this out of the equation. Sex does more than feel good. It keeps your immune system healthy. People who have sex have a higher antibody count which can help fight against germs and viruses. Sex can also improve women’s bladder control especially with incontinence.

Sex DOES count as an exercise! You can burn up to 5 calories per minute. It’s like a workout for the pelvic floor because you’re contracting the muscles – which strengthen them. Sex also helps keep important hormones in balance such as estrogen and testosterone. This is important because low levels of these hormones can cause osteoporosis and heart disease. One of the major reasons sex is so beneficial is the stress relief that comes from it. Being close to your partner can soothe stress and anxiety.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Men who ejaculate frequently are less likely to get prostate cancer. At least 21 times a month!

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