Obesity, mental decline, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular troubles can all be increased by being inactive for long periods of time. A sedentary lifestyle is created when you spend 3 or more hours in a chair without moving. It becomes dangerous because when you are not moving your blood flow becomes slower, preventing your body from getting the nutrients it needs in a consistent healthy flow like it was designed to do.

Cambridge University says it’s just as bad as being 100 pounds overweight. A good way to combat sitting too long is to mimic riding a bike. Picking your feet off the ground and moving them like you would pushing pedals on a regular bike. Doing this for 1 minute for every hour you sit will help keep the blood flowing. If you have the ability to get up and move around – take a stroll around the office to get the blood flowing.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: A sedentary lifestyle effects at least 85% of people everyday. Getting mobile is important to keep the body healthy.

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