“In February 2011, HLS came to Kirkpatrick Middle School and invited us to try out their program. A friend of mine was interested in trying it out and asked if I would join her. I have always had trouble with my weight, and I had tried numerous diets to try to get the weight off, all to no avail. I figured, “Why not try yet another diet? It couldn’t hurt. And if nothing else, maybe I’ll lose 10-15 pounds.” Nine months and 115 pounds later, I realized that this isn’t a diet. This is a lifestyle. I have changed how and what I eat. I have more energy, and I feel amazing. I didn’t know that simply changing how and what I eat could have such an amazing effect on the body. I would recommend HLS to anyone, whether they are trying to lose weight, gain weight, or are happy with their weight. HLS changes how you look at food and educates you on how to lead a healthy life, starting with the foods that you eat.”