Feeling that “after lunch slump” after you have a sandwich, soda, and chips? Let’s explain why you are feeling that way.

Refined Grains fall into the category of breads, pastas, cookies, chips, anything basically white in nature. When the grain goes through the processing period, the part of the grain that contains the nutrients and the fiber are stripped and broken down. Thus leaving you with basically dead nutrients. So while you may feel that sudden burst of energy after that yummy sandwich, it is a false sense up hope that will leave you sleepy and sluggish just 30 minutes later.

Here is why:
Processed Grains, because of the lack of fiber and high concentration of sugar, spikes the blood sugar. When blood sugars are spiked, high amounts of insulin are secreted into your system to try and lower those blood sugar levels. The body then lowers blood sugar levels so efficiently, that they actually cause blood sugar levels to crash – leaving you feeling sluggish and tired.

Not all grains cause such a ruckus in the body. Whole Grains are beneficial on many levels. They keep in tact the fiber and the nutrients that processed grains have removed. When going out to eat or cooking at home, choose a whole grain and help blood sugar levels stay level while providing nutrients at the same time.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: That sandwich may be keeping you tired and sluggish after lunch.

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