How much water have I had so far today???

This for me is the hardest thing to keep track of.  I asked in my class how people keep track of those 100oz.  Our trainer uses a styrofoam cup and marks on it daily, my girlfriend tracks by number of bottles lined up on her counter – here’s mine.

My Blender Bottle goes everywhere.  I LOVE it for blending my protein drinks – drinking water, drinking flavored water…you get the drift.  But, I could never remember how many bottles I’d consumed.  So – I added 5 rubber bands around the bottle, each one representing 20oz.  As I finish a bottle, I move a band to the top – here you can see I’m only at 40 oz. for the day…

Hope this tip helps you drink up!


ps – I heard through the broccoli-vine that we may see some custom Blender Bottles soon for HLS – how exciting!  I’ll let you know when I know more…

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