In times when there were kings and queens, their cooks added almonds to heavy meals to help break down meat for easier digestion. They are part of the rose family (as odd as that is) and called ‘The queen of the rose family’. For thousands of years it went without a name because botanists kept changing the name.

The almond tree has an ornamental shape that can grow up to 12 metres tall. The flowers produce a lot of nectar that attract insects such as bees to pollinate. Although fruit can be found on the tree early in the year, almonds do not ripen till the end of summer.

A few almonds can pack a good punch on the nutritional level. The high antioxidants and vitamin E are good for preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The magnesium is great for the bones and is rich in unsaturated fat.

100 grams or 7/10 cup of almonds is 578 calories. For that reason it is important to have them in moderation.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Almonds are stone fruits that originated from Asia. They are the kernel of a fruit and are grown in Spain, America, and Italy.