Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Outreach Ambassadors

Get up to $175 OFF classes by sharing the secret and becoming an Outreach Ambassador
Want to save even more on your Healthy Lifestyle Secrets core class? Now you can by becoming a Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Outreach Ambassador. All you have to do is share your Healthy Lifestyle Secrets success story with your friends. When they sign up for class – you get a rebate.

  • Get a $50 rebate on your enrollment by referring just one person to Healthy Lifestyle Secrets.
  • Refer 3 people and get $125 enrollment rebate
  • Refer 5 people and get $175 enrollment rebate

To refer people and earn credit – just enter their information when you register for your class. Click the button below to register and submit your referral information.

Referral Submission Guidelines/Terms & Conditions

  • To earn referral credit you must be enrolled in a CORE class.
  • Referral must be a 1st time student
  • Referral must register and pay for a CORE class (both live and online classes are eligible).
  • Important Note: In order for HLS to validate the referral and ensure you are eligible to receive the referral rebate the referral(s) must register and pay before the 1st day of YOUR class.
  • You will only earn rebates for students who register and pay for their class. Example: if you refer 3 people, but only 2 register and pay for class, you will receive $50 rebate, not $125 rebate.
  • Once Referrals are validated your rebate will be issued in the form of a check via USPS mail within 7 business days of your classes actual start date.
  • Referrals cannot be combined/rolled over into future enrollment periods. Once your CORE class starts, the current referral period will close. Any referrals submitted after your class starts may be considered during the next enrollment period.
  • Please call 817-546-0097 if you have questions.

Referral Rebate Benefits Paid:
1 New Student Paid & Registered = $50 Referral Rebate
3 New Students Paid & Registered = $125 Referral Rebate
5 New Students Paid & Registered = $175 Referral Rebate
Note: Rebates cannot be combined within the same enrollment period. If 2 students are referred, you will only earn rebate for the first student. If 4 students are referred you will earn the $125 rebate. If more than 5 students are referred, you will earn the maximum $175 rebate.