The Secret We All Should Have Learned at 13, but Didn’t

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Mitzi from Dallas lost 50 pounds and 14% body fat – that’s 25 pounds of FAT.

“My life was a roller-coaster of yo-yo dieting. I tried every program that promised me I would lose weight, but I never sustained my goals and would eventually quit.

After taking my first HLS class, I knew I could stick with this. I also learned the WHYS behind what I was eating and what the food was doing to me. I loved the true success that came from taking this class. It kept me motivated. Not only did I lose the body fat, I also was able to cut my blood pressure medication in half. Today, I know exactly what to do to maintain the right body fat percentage for the rest of my life.”

Summer ready thanks to HLS!
So proud of our clients who work so hard. 60 lbs down for Eric! And his beautiful wife KJ feels better than ever with 30 lbs lost!
  • Have you tried diets and realized they don’t work?
  • Are you tired of paying for gym memberships you never use?

You’re not alone!

By attending my 7 week class and using the information provided – YOU COULD LOSE UP TO 25 POUNDS – and that’s just during the class! Stick with it and you’ll lose even more fat, feel better than you’ve ever felt, and have a reason to get the new wardrobe you’ve been wanting!

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is the leading personalized weight loss academy in the US! My class empowers you with information you’ve never heard before to win the battle over fat. Best of all – you can learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home!

Included In Your 7 Week Core Class Will Be the Following:Value Of:
1. 7 Week Class Curriculum with Downloadable Modules (7 Weeks at $125/Class)$875.00
2. Personalized Nutritional Profile Tailored to You$500.00
3. Individual Weekly Biometric Progress Report (Tape)$124.00
Free With Purchase for Enrolling Today! Our Bonus Offer Includes:
1. 30 Minute Weekly Live Web Q&A with Master Instructors (online class only)BONUS
2. 14 Packages of Protein Supplements ($35 value)BONUS
3. Tape Measure (online class only)BONUS
4. Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Shaker Cup with Patented Vortex ShakerBONUS
5. “You Bite It, You Write It” Food TrackerBONUS
Total Value:

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Do not participate in any weight loss program if you are pregnant or if weight loss is not appropriate for you. Always contact your doctor before starting any weight loss program. Even if some weight loss is appropriate for you, please do not engage in excessive weight loss without prior consent from your doctor.
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