Tequila from Mexico is made from the agave plant. When we buy agave nectar in the store we are actually buying the syrup. In its natural form agave nectar has some health benefits from fructans that help with metabolism and insulin. When overly processed fructans are broken down into fructose; this turns the agave syrup into a really powerful sugar.

Agave reads really high on the glycemic index (GI) that measures how quickly the sugar in a food enters your bloodstream. The faster it enters the bloodstream the higher the rating. Agave syrup is about 85% fructose which is much higher than regular sugar. In the long term, taking in high amounts of fructose can cause insulin resistance in the body. Using store bought agave nectar is worse then using regular sugar. Good alternative is using stevia.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Every living cell on the planet has glucose. Every cell in the human body can metabolize glucose, but the liver is the only organ that can metabolize fructose in significant amounts.

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