Hello!  My name is Monika, and for the next 10 weeks I will be sharing about my Healthy Lifestyle Secrets journey.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammera for 4 years, and heard about the program, but was never convinced it was the right time for me to learn about real nutrition.  There was no”ta-dah” moment like a beam of light that said “it’s time”, but rather a culmination of tell-tale indicators that I needed to pay attention to my nutritional (or lack there of) intake:  sometimes my feet would swell at the end of the day, I’d gained about 30lbs in 4 years, and my monthly credit card recap had me eating out WAY more than I thought.

So – tonight I Jumped!  That’s right, my class started tonight with an hour long intro to the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program, our Jump Start.  We have 10 men and women who are going to be learning together what we should have learned in health class as 13 year olds.  Tonight’s big activity was the official weigh-in on the Tanita scale, followed by measurements and review of lifestyle / goals / medical concerns.  I’m not sure I’m ready to share those numbers just yet…

And – the next 7 days meal plan.  I’ll keep that one till next post!

So, join me in this journey.  I’m excited by the possibilities, and the chance to share with you what this curriculum based program can do.