Today checks off day 2 of Jump Start week – and I’m happy to say food and mental state is still ranking high!

Without going too much into the program nitty-gritty, this first week is to reset your body’s metabolism, and “jumpstart” you to a healthy lifestyle.  So, what does that mean?  I’ll answer that in 3 words:

WATER – lots of it – like more than you ever drank – kind of consumption.  100+ oz a day.  I’m sloshing when I walk (or run to the restroom for the 20th time of the day!)

BEEF – all I can say to this is “moooooooooo”.  I am allowed to eat, snack, or gnaw on as much beef as I’d like.  Yep – I know, sounds weird, but it’s making my liver work harder to make me ultimately healthier.

GREEN RAW VEGGIES – ok , I’m up to 5 words, but I had to clarify here – crunchy, green stuff, like broccoli, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce…you get the picture.  Lots of this… not just to fill you up, but to help with, hmmm – how do I tastefully say it…movement :)

There is a little more – but this is the core of the week.  So what does this look like – here’s my taco salad for dinner last night, and lunch today.  Even though I was tempted to whine about not having cheese and sour cream and corn chips, it truly was delicious, and filling.

Dinner tonight was …I’ll let you guess…BEEF!  Except tonight it was grilled steak with mustard au jus, chopped broccoli and spinach salad with Walden Farms Balsamic Dressing.  As a true foodie – I was anxious that these dressings would be a pale comparison to my homemade olive oil and balsamic – but it was 2 thumbs up!  I’ve been warned about the creamy dressings, but that will be Friday night – check back for my review of Blue Cheese …

So wrapping up day 2, I am pleasantly surprised about how satiated I feel, the lack of desire to “cheat” and how easy this has been.  My family is good with it too – they just added mashed potato to dinner (and served it in the kitchen, NOT family style to help me out!)

I’m off to go drink more water – Cheers!