4lbs down and feeling great!

This week has flown by, and the program is working it’s job on my system.  I am flushing all the water I take in, and hopefully extra sugars are departing my body as well.  Thankfully, I did not experience the day 3 or 4 headaches some participants report;  I’m chalking it up to extra water consumption on my part as I really didn’t want to avoid the headaches if I could.  I was a bit tired in the afternoon yesterday, but my trainer was available via mobile phone and assured me all was A-ok!

Friends have asked, how do you make beef and vegetables taste different all week?  As a foodie – I knew I was in for a challenge, and here’s the BEST one so far:

Monika’s Thai Beef Wraps

  • Brown your ground beef – drain in strainer – put the liquid in the freezer to separate the fat and juice.
  • Season the beef back in the skillet with: garlic, ginger, green onions, CHOPPED MINT, pepper, lime zest, and I used low-sodium soy sauce for my salt intake.  Add the broth back in and heat to blend flavors. (the broth makes it moister)
  • Remove from heat, add chopped celery – I put in 2 stalks chopped fine.
  • Wash and dry romaine lettuce leaves.  Serve the beef mixture in the leaves with extra cilantro and finely shredded cabbage layered on top.  Can dip in Walden Farms Sesame Ginger dressing if desired.  (I added a squeeze of lime juice and more pepper for zing!)

Tomorrow afternoon my class meets for our nutrition super class, and we have our first  week weigh-in.  I’m excited to see how everyone has done!  We will use the Tanita scales again and compare our baseline numbers with our post Jump Start numbers. (I’ll write about this cool measuring device soon…)

The best part of this program so far, is I am NOT HUNGRY at all.  I am well-hydrated, satisfied with meals, and have been 95% not wanting to cheat (the boys waffles toasting on Wednesday morning was a bear – I went and took a shower!  Behavior modification!)

Check back with me Sunday afternoon and see how my class has done…