End of beef and raw vegetables – beginning of next 8 weeks on the Core Program…

Drum roll please….at tonight’s weigh-in….I officially lost 5.4lb, of which 2.1lb consisted of FAT!

Our class spent 2+ hours in intensive nutrition learning mode tonight, undoing decades of myths, misinformation and stereotyping;  replacing them with biologically based fact.  Between learning what 6 things the body needs every day, how much protein you really need a day, how much sugar your body can use – and then what happens to the excess (UGH!) – I am on student mode again!!!  This curriculum is very interesting, but honestly, a bit overwhelming right now.  I know I just have to delve in and figure it all out for my (families) life, and plan, but it feels a bit like my “food world” has been but in a blender and pulsed.

The good news is, the program is built on learn, try, come back and be educated…repeat.  So, for the next 8 weeks, we have training wheels on and a coach to motivate and push when we need directing.

This next week I’ll keep you posted every other day on what the week’s food / menu looks like, more on the Tanita scale, and what my activity progress is.  Yes – I said the dreaded “activity” word too.  Part of my decision to become healthier this year is to meet my short term goal of participating in a 5K and my EOY goal to participate in a Triathlon with my son. So, no time like the present to get started on that too, and reap the benefits of increasing muscle mass while losing fat!

I’m off to drink another 20oz of water – how much have you had today???