The journey to weight loss success is a tough journey that many struggle with. There are several brutally honest reasons as to why this journey may not be going the way you would like it to.

The first and most important factor is whether or not YOU are taking responsibility for your actions. Are you the one who ate the pizza or did your significant other, friend, sister, mother, brother, kid MAKE you do it? The truth is YOU are the only one responsible for whether or not you make it to the gym to work out or whether or not you follow your personalized nutrition requirements.

Another factor is a lack of self discipline. One of the hardest things about a healthy lifestyle is making the necessary sacrifices. Who doesn’t want to go out and indulge in fried foods and alcohol with their friends on the weekend? Can you do this and be healthy… not really. It’s really about an overachieved balance. Being healthy and staying healthy requires self discipline about 95% of the time, which doesn’t leave much room for fluff or excuses.

Quick fixes are another outlet that many people turn to, when they want to lose weight. But that is their only goal, they just want to lose weight. They don’t necessarily want to be healthy. There’s a big difference between the two. It takes time and effort to become a healthy person. These quick fixes are just temporary and terribly harsh on the body.

The biggest key to the journey is going to be your attitude. A healthy lifestyle requires a want and drive like no other. You are in charge of your life decisions, you are the only one who can determine your success on this journey.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: It takes 300 days of repetition to create a habit.