“In November of 2012 I weighed 297 pounds–my diet was unhealthy, my energy level was low and my body was starting to show the effects of a lifetime of poor eating habits. I grew used to fat jokes, having to hold my breath to tie my shoes and feeling uncomfortable in small seats in theaters and stadiums. I expected people to avoid sitting next to me on airplanes. I resigned to the fact that I would probably not live a long life and that I would likely have health issues related to my weight for many years. Sadly and selfishly I did not believe my situation could change no matter how hard I tried and I accepted my condition. Then one day when my wife inspired me. She was attending a nutrition class in a neighbor’s home and I began to notice that whatever she was learning and doing was working. I began to see the changes in her body and her demeanor. She was having real success. I asked her if she would help me and she began trying to relay the lessons she was learning at HLS. The next time the class was offered my wife and I agreed to host the class in our home. Immediately I started learning that it was possible to change my habits and in-turn improve my health. Equipped with the knowledge of how my body processes food and the proper way to eat, I was able to lose 110 pounds over the next ten months! I went from 297 pounds with a 48 inch waist to 187 pounds and a 34 inch waist. I reduced my body fat percentage from over 40% to 18%. My blood pressure dropped from dangerously-high levels to normal levels. My resting heart rate fell and my cholesterol numbers drastically improved. I never thought I could be where I am today. I am the fittest I have ever been and I no longer feel destined to poor health. HLS gave me the knowledge and the methods to change my life forever. I have a wife and three children whom I love. I want to spend many healthy years with them–now I can.”