Canned Soups are high in sodium. In many brands there is more sodium than what we should be taking in daily. The extra salt can cause us to eat more and kills the health benefits of the soup.

Bouillon cubes or stock cubes are actually little cubes of danger. They are packed with palm oil, caramel color, yellow 5, and yellow 6. These have some serious effects on cholesterol and children. It is better to get broth or stock and to read the labels when picking the brand that you want to use.

The “healthy” cupcake (or muffin) is not all that healthy. Many of the store bought muffins have 400 calories or more and about a third of the day’s fat in one muffin. It also has 2 servings per muffin. It is a starch packed with sugar mono and diglycerides, soybean oil, and (depending on the brand) much more.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Oreos are addictive by design. Oreos are more addictive than morphine and cocaine because they have a stronger effect on the brain.

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