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healthy-lifestyle-secrets-trainersHelp Us Share the Secret: Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is expanding to share the secrets of healthy living with more and more communities in the region. We’re looking for motivated and energetic people to help us make this happen. If you’re interested in learning the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program, sharing it with others, and earning extra income while you do it – we want to hear from you.

  • Earn Extra Income
  • Help Others Achieve Healthier Habits
  • Accountability of Personal Weight
  • Continued In-Depth Nutritional Education and Personal Development
  • Giving Back the Best of What You Have Received

Become a Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Instructor




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Success Stories

The program has put me on the road to being a healthier person. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in feeling more energetic and losing weight. The accountability is invaluable. Your passion for the subject is what makes the class work for me. David Watson Keller, TXOn the road to being a healthier person

Started at 138.2 pounds. Wasn’t working out previously. Have started going to the gym for 1.5 hours and about 3-4 times a week. I’ve eaten more veggies during these 6 weeks than I have my entire life combined. I learned that I actually like salads, veggies, and backed fish. I realize I’ m probably going to still dabble in sweets and starches, but will over all be eating healthier day to day. Sadie Bryan Coppell, TXEating healthier day to day

"In November of 2012 I weighed 297 pounds--my diet was unhealthy, my energy level was low and my body was starting to show the effects of a lifetime of poor eating habits. I grew used to fat jokes, having to hold my breath to tie my shoes and feeling uncomfortable in small seats in theaters and stadiums. I expected people to avoid sitting next to me on airplanes. I resigned to the fact that I would probably not live a long life and that I would likely have health issues related to my weight for many years. Sadly and selfishlyJeff Tasker

"In February 2011, HLS came to Kirkpatrick Middle School and invited us to try out their program. A friend of mine was interested in trying it out and asked if I would join her. I have always had trouble with my weight, and I had tried numerous diets to try to get the weight off, all to no avail. I figured, “Why not try yet another diet? It couldn't hurt. And if nothing else, maybe I’ll lose 10-15 pounds.” Nine months and 115 pounds later, I realized that this isn’t a diet. This is a lifestyle. I have changed howSally Kelley

This is the first eating program I’ve ever participated in and I’m so pleased with my results. I’m continuing with the next class. I lost 5.4 pounds – 3.6 fat and I feel so much, better about myself. Started at 125.01 and now 119.6. During my 12 weeks in HLS, my triglycerides went from 201 to 63. My “good” cholesterol went up 16 points and my “bad” cholesterol went down 7 points. Thanks! Cherie Walker Coppell, TXI’m so pleased with my results

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