Just because you’re ‘thin’ doesn’t mean you are healthy. For YEARS I have cycled on & off of various fat-burners. Not just for the appetite suppressant but for the energy. One thing I noticed when taking these supplements was that various knots in my body would grow when I was on them and would shrink when I stopped. Sure, all of the advertisements touted the ‘safety’ of these products, yada, yada, yada, but REALLY?! If you have cysts in your hands and wrists that grow when you’re on a certain product, something isn’t right. But still I continued…. Honestly I liked the ‘buzz’. I would zoom through my work, zoom through the gym, zoom through my days. And then take a sleep aid so I could get some rest.
After my recent mammogram/biopsy scare which thankfully came back as a benign fibroidadanoma, I was determined to get away from fat-burners especially when my doctor confirmed that most cysts/lumps, etc. are ‘fed’ by sugar & caffeine and a lot of the chemicals that make up those types of supplements.

I am happy to say that I was able to lose 8 lbs. and 2.8% body fat by sticking to my profile (most of the time). No fat-burners, no harmful chemicals. I feel so much more energetic these days. This program is not a quick-fix. It is an educational process that we can apply to our lives and use every single day.

Tulsa, OK