• Use it or lose it! Keep your brain mentally challenged by reading a book or learning a second language.
  • Participate in Neurobics. This is challenging your brain to think in new ways. If you’re right handed, try using your left. Use your 5 senses more to help increase the use of your brain during regular everyday activities.
  • Exercising can be good for brain health too! Staying active can help improve memory, imagination, and your ability to plan tasks.
  • Healthy diet, healthy brain. Making healthy food choices can increase your brainpower and decrease the likelihood of developing dementia.
  • Limit alcohol intake. To much drinking over a long period of time can shrink the frontal lobes of your brain. This damage can not be reversed.
  • Music daily. Music has the power to boost mental functions such as memory and hand coordination. It can also improve one’s ability to plan.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Sleeping before and after you learn something new is crucial to the filing of new information in the brain. A long night’s rest is best for memory and mood.

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