Healthy Lifestyle Secrets E-Learning Classes

Program Costs: $325/person
Program Discounts Available:
Hero discount for Military/Fire/Police/Teachers

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Class for Guided Self-Paced Learning!

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets core class is now available online for self-paced learning. This new initiative is designed to help us bring the secrets to areas where we don’t have instructors available.

The information presented in the e-learning classes is the same as the information being presented in the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Core class, but with a little bit of a twist.

The information is presented in video format, with a new video being presented each week. Students have 1 week to watch the video and complete the course material before it is replaced with the following week’s session. Prior to each video being released, a conference call is held with your senior instructor to answer questions, address concerns, and introduce the upcoming content. Registered students receive:

  • 7 weeks of Guided Self-Paced Learning
  • E-Workbook
  • Measuring Tape
  • 2 Boxes of Protein Supplements
  • E-You Bite It You Write It Food Tracker

Important! Read Course Requirements Below Before Registering:

  • 1st time Students ONLY (*No Exceptions)
  • Must have a compatible scale (at minimum scale must provide weight, body fat %, and water/hydration %)
  • Must have the means to submit additional measurements on a weekly basis
  • Be able to join a Live Q&A each week prior to the release of the current video lesson
  • Call our office at 817-546-0097 for additional information.

* Important Note: This program is for 1st time students only If a returning student registers for it there is no refund.