Important! Read Course Scale Requirements Below Before Registering:

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Healthy Lifestyle Secrets E-Learning Courses

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is now available online for self-paced learning. The information presented is the same as the information being presented in the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets live class, but with a little bit of a twist.

The information is presented in video format, with a new video being presented each week.
Each week a video conference call is held with your senior instructor to answer questions, address concerns, and other relevant information.

Registered students receive:*

  • Personalized Nutritional Profile Tailored to you!
  • 7 Weeks of Class Video Curriculum (1.5-2 Hours Weekly)
  • 7 Weeks of Downloadable Class Modules
  • 30 min Weekly Live Web Q & A with Master Instructors
  • Individual Weekly Progress Report
  • Downloadable You Bite it You Write It Food Tracker
  • 14 Packages of Protein Supplements
  • HLS Shaker Cup with patented Vortex Shaker
  • Tape Measure to help accurately create your personal profile
  • Live Access to Master Instructors by Text & Phone

*3 Enrollment options are available. Included elements vary by enrollment option chosen.

In Order to Participate in E-Learning Courses You Must Have a Scale That Meets the Following Criteria:

  • Must have a compatible scale (at minimum scale must provide weight, body fat %, and water/hydration %)**
  • Must have the means to submit additional measurements on a weekly basis
  • Be able to join a Live Q&A each week prior to the release of the current video lesson
  • Call our office at 817-546-0097 for additional information.

**Compatible scales must provide (at minimum): Weight, Body Fat %. And Water/Hydration %. Amazon & local stores have scales for $30-$50 dollars (1byOne & Triumph are some brands students are having some affordable success with).

Please note: You will want to read the scale instructions carefully and know that if your scale comes with an App you might need to sync the app to your mobile device & scale before you will be able to access results to send to us weekly. Please call us at 817-546-0097 if you have questions.