Important! Read Course Scale Requirements Below Before Registering:

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Healthy Lifestyle Secrets E-Learning Courses

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is now available online for self-paced learning or guided live streaming classes. The information presented is the same as the information being presented in the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets live in person class.

The information is presented in either live streaming or prerecorded sessions, with a new video being presented each week.
Along with the prerecorded sessions, a conference call is held with your senior instructor to answer questions, address concerns, and other relevant information.  Live Q & A time is available with all live streaming sessions.

Registered students receive:*

  • Personalized Nutritional Profile Tailored to you!
  • 7 Weeks Class Curriculum (1.5-2 Hours Weekly)
  • 7 Weeks of Downloadable Class Modules
  • 30 min Weekly Live Web Q & A with Master Instructors (with prerecorded sessions)
  • Individual Weekly Progress Report
  • Downloadable You Bite it You Write It Food Tracker
  • Up to 21 Packages of Protein Supplements (depending on enrollment level)
  • HLS Shaker Cup with patented Vortex Shaker
  • Tape Measure to help accurately create your personal profile
  • Live Access to Master Instructors by Text & Phone

*3 Enrollment options are available. Included elements vary by enrollment option chosen.

In Order to Participate in E-Learning Courses You Must Have a Scale That Meets the Following Criteria:

  • Must have a compatible scale (at minimum scale must provide weight, body fat %, and water/hydration %)**
  • Must have the means to submit additional measurements on a weekly basis
  • Be able to join a Live Q&A each week prior to the release of the current video lesson
  • Call our office at 817-546-0097 for additional information.

**Compatible scales must provide (at minimum): Weight, Body Fat %. And Water/Hydration %. Amazon & local stores have scales for $30-$50 dollars (1byOne & Triumph are some brands students are having some affordable success with).

Please note: You will want to read the scale instructions carefully and know that if your scale comes with an App you might need to sync the app to your mobile device & scale before you will be able to access results to send to us weekly. Please call us at 817-546-0097 if you have questions.

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