Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Private Consultation

For those who want an even more personalized experience than a classroom setting can provide, Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is now offering private consultation with Tammera Hollerich, the founder and creator of the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets course.

Private consultations are provided in weekly installments over the course of 7 weeks. Each consultation is 1 hour long.

Consultations can be done either at the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets office or on site at your location.

Private Consultation Pricing:

  • Consultations at HLS Office: $1499
  • Consultations at your location: $1799

For your convenience, payment can be split into 2 payments of 50% each. 50% will be due prior to your first consultation, the remainder is due on your week 4 appointment.

“I was shocked at how much I didn’t learn in medical school. This program is scientifically sound and has totally changed my life and my outlook on nutrition and health.”
Dr. Amanda Hutchens, MD, FAAP

Waco, TX

“Body weight plays a key role in my profession as an orthopedic surgeon. That is why I was excited to learn about Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. I have seen firsthand the success rate of this program and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight.”
Dr. Paul Peters Jr. MD

Orthopedic Hip and Knee Surgeon , Dallas, TX

“You would be crazy to think you can manage your weight without this class! I would never have gotten where I am today at 120 lbs without this new found knowledge. HLS taught me what to eat and why!”

Carol Farmer

Dallas, TX