As Healthy Lifestyle Secrets grows and expands into more and more areas, we have been fortunate enough to find a solid team to help us share the message and join us in our goal to make the world a healthier place. Below you’ll find our current team members. Read their stories and find out why each feels being a part of HLS is rewarding and fulfilling.

tammera headshot 3-2020

Tammera Hollerich

HLS Founder

“My mission in life is to positively impact the health, wellness, and weight of as many people as I can before I check out.”

My passion has surpassed all understanding with the recent death of my mother, who struggled with her weight her entire life. It has convinced me now, more than ever, that if we do not do something to change our behavior – more of us will suffer an excruciating loss in the quality of our lives because of food. We don’t need to guess anymore. Science has given us the knowledge we need. If we just stick to the science this isn’t that hard.

cortney 2020

Jackie Dixon

Client Success Coordinator

Jackie is a lifelong Texas resident, wife, mom, and grandma.  She is a new team member of Healthy Lifestyle Secrets and she is excited to learn about the program and complete it at the same time as the clients.  In the past, Jackie has struggled with weight loss and she is very happy to be associated with the company.  She plans to share the healthy lifestyle secrets with our students.

cortney 2020Cortney Walden

Director of Operations

Cortney was born in Arizona but considers herself a true Texan – lover of BBQ and Beer. Unfortunately her foodie passions led to a series of health and body image issues. She can proudly say she has lost 140lbs and continues to find new ways to motivate herself surrounding positive food choices. Healthy Lifestyle Secrets has offered her information she never knew about her own body and what it specifically needs to maintain her weight loss.

She is eager to share her zeal, knowledge, and empowering presence with all new and returning Healthy Lifestyle Secrets students.