Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Instructors

As Healthy Lifestyle Secrets grows and expands into more and more areas, we’ve been fortunate enough to find a solid group of instructors to help us share the message and join us in our goal to make the world a healthier place. Below you’ll find our current roster of instructors. Click on each name to read their stories (instructors are listed in alphabetical order) and find out why each feels being an HLS instructor is rewarding and fulfilling.

* Next to instructor’s name denotes Broc’s Gems Club member.

Debbie Bland*

Debbie-Bland“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”
– Theodore Roosevelt

In January of 2016 Debbie hit her all-time highest weight ever and knew she had to do something – and it had to be something that would last! A friend invited her to join Healthy Lifestyles and she took my 1st class as in April of 2016. She then went on to take the core class 3 more times because she was so happy with her progress and intrigued by all she was learning about nutrition and being healthy. She also needed the accountability and relational support she found with other class members. Debbie decided she wanted to become an instructor so she could have a positive impact in the lives of others and became an instructor in July 2017. She’s currently a Freshman instructor, working on becoming a Sophomore. She’s also a Ruby member of Broc’s Gems Club.

Debbie has been an educator for over 20 years because she has a passion for, and a love of, teaching. As soon as she took her first class she knew she wanted to become an instructor for Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. She knew this wasn’t a program that you “do” until you hit some magical number on a scale – instead you learn how to be healthy for life. Being an instructor is a heartfelt opportunity for her to continue to share her passion as she helps others on their journey to lead a healthier and happier life.

Going through the core classes, Debbie was most surprised to learn that our bodies only need 23 grams of sugar each day, but Americans typically consume one-half pound per day!

Debbie’s biggest frustration with nutritional information available is that it’s controlled by those with an interest in making profits. The information on product labels is manipulated by big business and there are too many allowable loopholes for them to use. Unfortunately, that means the consumer doesn’t always get accurate nutritional information about the products they are purchasing. She also finds it very frustrating that advertising and commercials entice our children to want sugary snacks, and parents don’t have the nutritional education they need to make healthy choices for their families.


Carol Frick

Carol-Frick “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
-William Edward Hickson

Carol has been a part of Healthy Lifestyle Secrets since September of 2016. After completing the core classes twice she decided to work on becoming an instructor. Currently she’s a sophomore level instructor, working on testing up to the Junior level. One of the things that surprised her most going through the class was that vegetables can be carbohydrates. She had always just thought of them as “veggies.”

Carol wanted to become an instructor because she wants the people around her to have the knowledge that she’s found with HLS. Many of the people in her life have given up on trying achieving a healthy weight because they don’t have the correct information. As an instructor Carol can provide them with the correct information, as well as offer peer support.

What frustrates Carol the most about the lack of nutritional information available to the public is that most of the information that’s out there is supplied by food companies – only providing you with the information they want you to have.

After participating in her first class as a student it became abundantly clear to her that she would never have adequate knowledge about what you should eat and how to really lose and maintain your weight if you depend on the general media and food companies to give you your information.

Monica Little - Senior Instructor

monica-little“To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monica first went through the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program in October of 2013 and became an instructor in September of 2015. Since that time she’s become a Senior Level instructor. Monica came to HLS because she wanted to learn what she should have learned in high school health class, but didn’t. One of the most surprising things she learned going through the program is how her sleeping habits were negatively affecting her health.

Monica had been teaching herself about nutrition since the mid 1980’s, but was continually frustrated by the inaccurate and conflicting information available to the general public. As an instructor for Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, one of her goals is to help others see through these inaccuracies and sort out the conflicting information.

Samantha Schultz* - Senior Instructor

samantha-shultz“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Samantha first went through the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program in March of 2015. Then in July, after taking the class for a second time, she started assisting with HLS classes. Today, she’s not only a Senior Level instructor, but is also the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Operations Director.

Eight months prior to attending her first class, Samantha’s doctor told her (among other things) she needed blood pressure medication and was morbidly obese. As a 30 year old single parent, this was frightening news. She knew she had trouble keeping up with her 3 children, but this was the eye-opener she needed to make a dramatic change.

Samantha tried to go it alone for a while, but the changes she made weren’t enough. After coming to HLS, she learned what her body does and doesn’t need for fuel. She was also surprised to learn all the misconceptions about how foods are categorized. It was a real shocker to learn the onions and edamame are starches, while beans are incomplete proteins. So far Samantha has lost 90 pounds and her labs are looking fabulous.

Samantha decided to become an instructor because she was frustrated and saddened by how little nutritional education there is available to people in the community. If parents (and their children) were properly educated about nutrition, both would have far fewer sick days. She knows what a beautiful difference proper nutrition can mean to people’s lives and wants to be a part of helping them see it because she feels there’s no greater fulfillment in the world than helping someone else be healthy and happy.

Kat Stephens* - Senior Instructor

kat-stephens“When things are at their worst, don’t forget to PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens)”

Kat first attended Healthy Lifestyle Secrets in September of 2015 and began as an instructor in March of 2016 and currently serves as a Senior instructor.

Kat was frustrated by the incomplete and inaccurate information being presented to the average person. The confusion it causes means someone can think they are eating healthy, when in actuality they are becoming their own biggest enemy. After going through the program she was stunned to learn that your body can only consume 23 grams of sugar a day – and that every gram after that is converted to fat. She was also surprised that eating too little puts your body in starvation mode which makes it impossible to lose weight.

As someone who had struggled with her weight for many years, Kat decided to become an instructor so she could help others avoid the mistakes she’d made and show them what they’re doing wrong. She wanted to help other people get the information that helped her so they could stop struggling, lose the excess weight, feel as good as she does, and be truly happy with what they see when they look in the mirror.

Kari Swallow

kari-swallow“Love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves and not to twist them to fit our own image…otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them”

Kari first began her affiliation with Healthy Lifestyle Secrets in April of 2016 as a student. She started her journey as an instructor in October of the same year, currently serving at the Sophomore Level.

One of the things that frustrates Kari the most about nutritional information being provided to the public is how misleading it all is. For instance, cereal companies promote how healthy a cereal is even when it’s loaded with sugar. Because most people don’t know the proper way to read a label, they’ll never know the truth.

In addition to learning about the way to interpret the information on labels, after going through the program Kari was surprised to learn how much sugar is in bananas. Since she grew up eating bananas, she was shocked to learn they’re a fruit with one of the highest levels of sugar.

Kari decided to become an instructor because she loves the science behind the program and the fact that science backs up everything the program teaches. She was anxious to learn more and wanted to put that knowledge to good use by sharing it with others so they can make better decisions about their foods.

Skylar Worley - Senior Instructor

Skylar-Worley“You only have control over the storms you are able to have peace in”
– Bill Johnson

Skylar first went through the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program in January of 2017. She began working as an instructor earlier this spring and today she’s serving as a Senior level instructor.

One of the things that frustrate her about the lack of nutritional information being presented to the public is that the information isn’t portrayed accurately and that correct information isn’t readily available. One of the things she loves about HLS is that the information presented by the program is all factual with practical applications for everyday people.

After going through the program the nutritional fact that surprised her the most is that the body only needs 23 grams of sugar per day.

Skylar wanted to become an instructor before she even went through the class herself. She had seen the dramatic transformation in a family member’s life – both physically and emotionally, so she wanted to be a part of the program that had made such a positive impact. She was so dedicated to going through the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program that she drove from Waco to Dallas each week to attend class.

Her goal as an instructor is to help people experience the freedom that food can bring, instead of the trap most people find themselves in when it comes to their eating habits.