Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Core Class

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is a personalized food fitness class that teaches you what you SHOULD have learned about nutrition at age 13, but didn’t. Our proven wellness classes have been giving thousands of people like you the secret to a healthier, happier life. group weight loss classes fort worth

  • Discover which nutrients your body needs
  • Learn about your BMR and why it’s important
  • Determine your “healthy range”
  • Stop jumping from diet to diet
  • Start becoming the healthiest you that you can be

The Healthy Lifestyle Secrets nutrition classes are based on a 7-week course of instruction. Fundamental to participants’ success is a Low Glycemic Index nutrition program which is tailored to each client’s personal profile. Certified instructors evaluate critical biometric numbers and use this scientifically structured information to educate you regarding how to eat deliciously for your body’s profile. Following the fundamental Core Classes, additional courses are available, completion of which, accompanied by successful behavior modification, may confer a client with a PH-D – a “Personal Health Degree”. This progressive course of instruction provides the education and encouragement to move you from thinking “Diet to Diet” to “Every Day Healthy Eating”.

Weight Loss Challenges Include:

Core Program, Personalized Nutritional Profile, Workbook, weekly progress updates, weekly accountability bio-metric body fat analysis, weekly nutritional briefings on health-related subjects, Q&A session following Jump Start including review to solidify newly learned behavior, suggested fitness plan, & end-of-program Individual Report Card and group Final Report.

Course Materials Include:

  • Jumpstart/Baseline In
  • Who You Are on the Inside
  • Understanding Nutrient Requirements
  • Basic Labels and Sugar
  • Sleep, Stress, and Hormones
  • Vitamins, Minerals, & Antioxidants
  • Revies/Baseline Out

Course content subject to change.

Core Class Enrollment Options