The truth is everyone wants to be lean, fit, and healthy; all while eating their cake too… and what’s even more frustrating is that those who are making healthy changes are not even given the correct information. Why is this? Because the food industry is just that, it’s an industry. It’s there to make money and the more information they can throw at you to not know which way is up, the more money they can make in return.

Let’s take Pepsi for example. We all know “coke” isn’t good for us. We drink it anyway because we want to, but at the core of who we are – we know we shouldn’t drink it.

When we see something like orange juice though, our brains tend to think that is a “healthier” drink because, “well, at least it’s made of oranges.”

Well guess who makes Tropicana Orange Juice? Pepsi does. And while we are on this company they make Quaker Oats as well.

Is Pepsi the enemy? No, but what we are getting at is that everyone has an agenda. The best advice we can give you?

  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. And if you have to weave your way in the center isle, know how to read a label properly.
  • Read your label, don’t take the healthy looking packaging or the buzz words on the package as healthy.
  • Educate yourself. The more you are informed, the less likely you will be able to be tricked into the marketing tactics used by companies.

The Learn More link below is a fantastic read about food and health trends.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: A bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice contains 41 sugars while a can of Pepsi contains 41 as well.