Gem Online Weigh In

Using a compatible scale, you can submit your weigh-in information via our E-Weigh In form below. Compatible scales must provide (at minimum): Weight, Body Fat %. and Water/Hydration %.

Amazon & local stores have scales for $30-$50 (1byOne, Triumph, and Weight Watcher Scales are some brands students are having some affordable success with).

Please note: You will want to read the scale instructions carefully and know that if your scale comes with an App you might need to sync the app to your mobile device & scale before you will be able to access results to send to us weekly.

Please call us at 817-546-0097 if you have questions.

Gems: Use the form below to submit your weigh-in information

Click here for instructions on taking your measurements.
Please allow up to 24 hours for us to get your results back to you.

Gem Online Weigh In