“I heard about ‘magical inches lost’ from a friend of mine who did the program through her school. We both had the same issue of never being overweight but always having a few inches to lose in fat to be lean. I had gained 20 lbs. after I got married and had kept it on for three years. I wanted to give the program a shot. My expectations were to learn a lot about nutrition and to hopefully lose weight/inches in my fat mass. I had tried many things to get the weight off, but this program was what I needed. I am smaller today than I was on my wedding day! I am thrilled and owe it all to the Healthy Lifestyle Secrets program. I continue to maintain with my meal plan and practice all the rules/guidelines now on my own. It is a lifelong commitment but is easy to adjust to in the right mind set. Thank you, Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, for the abundance of information and life lessons I have learned through your two courses. I will spread your praises for a lifetime!”