We all want sustained energy throughout the day, right? Well, did you know there are common foods that actually plummet energy levels? The reason being, they cause blood sugars to spike. Once blood sugars spike, they unfortunately come crashing down. Thus, leaving you feeling exhausted and sluggish. Here are some foods to avoid if you want to have sustained energy throughout the day.

Yogurts and Cereal: Unless it is unflavored yogurt, chances are the concentration of sugar in both of these foods are going to give you a quick boost of energy but leave you crashing.

Alcohol: While alcohol gives a relaxing effect, it is actually a stimulant. Drinking it at night will disrupt sleep, leave your liver lazy, and your metabolism slow.

Energy Drinks: While they will absolutely surge you with energy at first, they leave you exhausted in the end because of the amount of sugar poured into these drinks. (some contain 52 grams of sugar!)

So you want the energy but don’t want the crash? Eating a well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting a good night’s rest over time will have much better long term benefits to energy levels.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: When it comes to energy levels, the quick fixes actually leave you more tired and more sluggish.

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