Mackerel: Mackerel are small, fatty fish that are incredibly rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12 and selenium.
Omega-3 Content: 4,107 mg per serving (one piece of mackerel)

Salmon: Salmon is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It contains high-quality protein and large amounts of potassium, magnesium, selenium, and B vitamins.
Omega-3 Content: 4,023 mg per serving (half a filet of cooked, Atlantic salmon)

Oysters: Oysters contain more zinc than any other food on the planet. In addition to zinc, oysters contain copper and vitamin B12.
Omega-3 Content: 565 mg per serving (6 raw eastern oysters)

Walnuts: Walnuts are very nutritious and loaded with fiber, copper, manganese, vitamin E, and important plant compounds. Be sure to leave the skin on, as it provides most of the antioxidants which offer important health benefits.
Omega-3 Content: 2,542 mg per serving (about 7 walnuts)

Flaxseed: Flaxseeds are small seeds that are often ground, milled or used to make oil. Flaxseed is often used as an omega-3 supplement and is very high in fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, and other nutrients.
Omega-3 Content: 2,338 mg per serving (1 tablespoon of whole seeds)

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Omega-3s provide numerous benefits to your body. However, if you don’t eat many of these foods and don’t think you’re getting enough omega-3s, consider taking omega-3 supplements.

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