Step 1: Don’t restrict calories- Not enough calories slows down metabolism, causes fatigue, and puts unnecessary stress on the body. It’s where those calories come from such as fruits, veggies, protein, and fats.

Step 2:
Staying active- You have to stay active in two ways. First, be physically active by walking, going to the gym or have daily task that get you up and moving. The second is being active in making healthy choices that are in line with your goals.

Step 3:
Get full 9 hours of Sleep- With lack of sleep your appetite and eating schedule can be thrown off, hormones imbalanced, and decrease your production of leptin. All of this can lead to an increase in weight gain and has 30% increased chance at obesity than those that get 9 hours or more.

Step 4:
Magic weight loss plans are not the answer- Living a healthy way of life doesn’t come from short programs or only diet pills it comes from hard work everyday. Diets solve short term problems but not fulfill long term goals. Though there are supplements that help, they have to be used the right way for you.

Step 5:
Realize progress and reward achievements – Living healthy is a long term process but there can be short term goals to reach the end results. By setting weekly or monthly goals and hitting them helps set a solid foundation to continuing the journey. Reward yourself when you hit milestones such as buying a new outfit or doing something that you have always wanted too.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: Secret: In many cases between 80 to 95% of people that go on diets tend to regain the weight that was lost or more