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“You would be crazy to think you can manage your weight without this class! I would never have gotten where I am today at 120 lbs without this new found knowledge. HLS taught me what to eat and why! Knowing the why enables consistent healthier food choices for life. It taught me that you can’t out exercise a bad intake! For the average person weight loss and weight management are 20% food and 80% exercise. The actual truth is once you understand the dynamic it is really 80% food and 20% exercise.”

Carol Farmer

Dallas, TX

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Core Classes:

Central Dallas: PCBC
Wed, Jan. 9th – 6:00pm

North Dallas: Midway
Thurs, Jan. 17th – 6:00pm

Fort Worth: Affairs Afloat
Tues, Jan. 22nd – 6:00pm

Coppell: The Ratliff Group
Thurs, Jan. 24th – 6:00pm

Online Classes:
Thurs, Jan. 3rd – 5:00pm
Tues, Jan. 15th – 5:00pm

Grocery Store Tours:

Dallas: Kroger on Mockingbird
Wed, Dec. 5th – 6:00pm

CE Classes:

More CE Classes Coming Soon

Weekly Mini-CE Classes Available to StayConnected™ Members

Included In Your 7 Week Core Class Will Be the Following:Value Of:
1. 7 Week Class Curriculum with Downloadable Modules (7 Weeks at $125/Class)$875.00
2. Personalized Nutritional Profile Tailored to You$500.00
3. Individual Weekly Biometric Progress Report (Tape)$124.00
Free With Purchase for Enrolling Today! Our Bonus Offer Includes:
1. 30 Minute Weekly Live Web Q&A with Master Instructors (online class only)BONUS
2. 14 Packages of Protein Supplements ($35 value)BONUS
3. Tape Measure (online class only)BONUS
4. Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Shaker Cup with Patented Vortex ShakerBONUS
5. “You Bite It, You Write It” Food TrackerBONUS
Total Value:

Enroll Now and Save 65%

Get All 7 Weeks for Only $525.00

*Please note: In order for a class to begin we must have a minimum of 15 registrants. Class start dates are subject to change if more time is needed for a class to have the minimum number of students.