Eggs have a large impact all round the world here are a few ways that makes it on of the number one foods to eat.

  1. Eggs are one of few natural foods that produce some of the highest nutrition amounts.
  2. They can be cracked 100 ways.
  3. Along with the Sun, bright white eggs will give you a good source of vitamin D.
  4. Choline found in eggs helps cognitive health.
  5. Theory is that the first egg omelette was made in ancient Rome.
  6. Birth Defects can be reduced by eating eggs.
  7. Eggs improve night vision.
  8. Crushed eggshells can be used to clean stains off of pots and pans and as garden fertilizer.
  9. Using egg in your hair can make it soft and healthy.
  10. Egg is a pillar for a healthy eating because it has key nutrients like calcium, protein, amino acid, sodium and many more.
  11. Eggs are good for the heart.
  12. They can help reduces the chances of breast cancer.
  13. Over 50 million eggs get donated by the egg industry to help the underfed and malnourished.
  14. They have a low carbon footprint.

helpful nutritional facts from healthy lifestyle secretsSecret: India distributed 2600 boiled eggs to 6 schools for World Egg Day in 2017.

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