cut-out-sugar1. Find Out Why You Personally Eat Sugar
Do an experiment for a few days. Every time you eat sugar, ask yourself why you want it at that moment. Is it just out of habit? Are you bored? Once you get to the root of your sugar addiction, you will find more personalized ways to overcome it The solution to overcoming the addiction may be simpler than you think.

2. Create A Meaningful Reason To Break Away From Sugar
If your reason to break your sugar addiction is problem oriented, it most likely won’t last. Reasons such as, “I am overweight,” or “ I don’t have enough energy,” are problem oriented. Try and find a more long term, meaningful reason to break away from sugar. You may want to enjoy optimal health for life, or have enough energy to play with your kids, or live long enough to spend active time with your grandkids. It will be an easier choice to make when you’re faced with the decision between sugar or your kids.

3. Make It Official
If you don’t have an official plan, with someone to hold you accountable, you will always be half-heartedly aiming towards your goals, but never quite reaching them. Decide if you want to go off sugar completely, or else just eliminate a few sources of sugar each week. Most people do best when they go off sugar “cold-turkey”. Know where your sugar intake is coming from so you know what to avoid. Obvious sources of sugar are soda, fruit juices, and refined sugar.

4. Keep Your Blood Levels Stable
Research shows that when you are hungry, you are more likely to crave and eat sugary foods. This is simple to avoid if you just take a little time to plan ahead. Plan to be hungry every 2-3 hours, and add healthy sources of protein to your meals and snacks to stay more satiated.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Sugar
Sugar isn’t good for you, but it sure can contribute to good memories when used in control and moderation. If you find yourself afraid of sugar, and its “evil” effects, or if you have labeled sugar as “bad”, then you may adding to the lure that sugar has over you. Try to let go of any labels you have created for sugar, and simply see it as an equal to all other foods. Once you see it as an equal, your brain may relax and just let it be for awhile.

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