Custom Corporate Wellness Solutions that WORK!

Advantages of Wellness in the Workplace

Several Corporate Wellness Programs have noted:

  • A savings of $3.48 in reduced medical care costs per dollar invested.
  • Savings of $5.82 in decreased absenteeism cost per dollar invested.
  • ROI of $3-$8 per dollar invested within five years of program implementation.

Focusing on Health Saves Big Money & Lives

corporate wellness initiativesHealthy Lifestyle Secrets is the leading provider of customized Corporate Health Initiatives that help identify, contain, and reduce negative healthcare costs. Through innovative educational curriculum, employees adopt healthier and happier long-term lifestyle improvements that reduce the five major preventable diseases and reduce unnecessary healthcare expenses. We provide:

  • Certified instructors
  • Affordable on-site classes available
  • Customized nutritional profiles
  • Team building for long-term sustainable success
  • Class style or online learning environment for remote employees
  • Reportable, measurable results in an easy to understand format

Our comprehensive seven week course is facilitated by a certified nutritional counselor and can work in any size organization – large or small. Building one-on-one relationships, our certified instructors accelerate the process of behavior improvement, keep employees motivated, and hold them accountable to their personal and team goals.

A health improvement program can affect productivity, absenteeism, morale, recruitment success, turnover, and medical care costs.

How Do Corporate Wellness Programs Succeed?

1) Reduced medical claim costs, such as workers’ compensation claims or unnecessary healthcare services
2) Increased employee morale, which can be seen through lower turnover rates, and higher employee survey satisfaction scores
3) Improved overall health and well-being of individuals participating in programs
4) Increased employee participation in health and happiness initiatives
5) Reduced absenteeism
6) Increased productivity on the job

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets 7 Week Core Class Includes:Value Of:
1. 7 Week Class Curriculum with Downloadable Modules (7 Weeks at $125/Class)$875.00
2. Personalized Nutritional Profile Tailored to You$500.00
3. Individual Weekly Biometric Progress Report (Tape)$124.00
4. “You Bite It, You Write It” Food TrackerBONUS
5. 14 Packages of Protein Supplements ($35 value)BONUS
6. Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Shaker Cup with Patented Vortex ShakerBONUS
Total Value:

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Core Curriculum Corporate Pricing

1-5 Employees =$525/student (65% Discount)
6-10 Employees =$475/student (68% Discount)
11-15 Employees =$445/student (70% Discount)
16-50 Employees =$425/student (72% Discount)
51+ Employees =$395/student (74% Discount)

Ongoing Follow-up Pricing

Includes 2 On-site weigh-ins w/ tape and consult each month for 12 months:

  • >10 Employees = $175/month
  • 10-15 Employees = $245/month
  • 16-25 Employees = $350/month
  • 26-35 Employees = $475/month
  • 36-45 Employees = $595/month
  • 50-100 Employees = $750/month
  • 100+ Employees = Call for Pricing

Note: All data figures are sourced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.