The good news – I lost fat!  The ho-hum news for me, .25lbs of it.  Sigh……

But, as my upbeat trainer pointed out –  I am in the right direction,  my water hydration is up, and I’m wearing skinnier jeans.  So – overall a good week report!  Part of our classroom session this week was on “what to expect” – as some of us were expecting huge numbers that didn’t appear.  Each week, your body is adjusting – and many trainers have seen one week be a numerical loss, and the subsequent week be a physical shape change.  So – I’m hitting it harder this week to see that numerical loss next Monday!

What was the other big component this week?  Why to eat frequently, as crazy as that sounds.  Our trainer went over how the body’s metabolism needs sleep with fasting, and activity with nutrients.  The timing of these nutrients can help with the fat burn process, so my concentration this week is on watching timing to keep my body fueled all day long.  What did this look like today?

  • 7:15am – Protein smoothie with strawberries
  • water
  • 10:15am – cucumber slices
  • water
  • 1:20pm – White Chicken Chile left over from Superbowl Sunday with extra shredded cabbage thrown in
  • water
  • 4:20pm – Smoothie au natural
  • water
  • 6:45pm – Indian Beef Curry with brown rice
  • water
  • 9:30pm – pepper slices and last water

That’s a lot of food and water!  Good news as well, the Indian Beef Curry was AMAZING!

Brown salt and pepper seasoned cubed lean London Broil on cast iron skillet – approx. 6 min.  Set aside to rest – capture any juices!  Add to same pan cauliflower, red bell pepper, asparagus and garlic.  Cook 7 min with lid on.  Add 1tbsp curry powder, 1 tbsp fish sauce, and 1cup non-fat Greek yogurt to pan.  Stir – and add beef back in.  Mix in torn fresh basil at very end.  FABULOUS!

Have a healthy week – I’m excited to see what timing and concentration can add to the party!