I said something this week I’m not sure I EVER have said before.  Want to hear it…

“I didn’t get all my food in for the day because I was full and didn’t realize it was time to eat.”

Coming from someone who’s been scouring cookbooks, menu planning, and basing vacations on locations seen on Food TV, this was an amazing statement that made me pause and take a deep breath.

Now, this is not to say I am no longer concentrating on food.  This last 2 days has been all about figuring out HOW to eat – but better for me and with thought for what it is going to do for my internal engine.

My trainer has made a custom program for me based on my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  This tells us exactly how much energy my body needs to run a day.  Through consultation, we’ve mapped out what I eat each day to lose FAT.

Oh yes – we no longer discuss weight loss – we are aiming at losing FAT – as that’s the icky stuff that’s bad for health and looks gross too.  So – no more reporting on weight loss – instead I’ll keep you posted on how much fat we’ve kicked out!

So what does a day look like?  Here was Tuesday:

  • Chocolate Protein shake with frozen strawberries – YUMMMMMM!!!!
  • Salad with peppers, cucumber and steak  – Walden Farms Blue Cheese dressing
  • Celery and radishes
  • Turkey breast slices with Walden Farms BBQ sauce and broccoli, salad
  • Protein shake
  • Also – 1200z water…how could I not mention that!

So – yes – you eat.  A lot it feels like.  In fact, I forgot my starch again today;  I forgot my fruit and starch yesterday.  But this week is about learning, what to eat when, how your body takes to this new regime, and what works for you.

For me – it’s “out of the norm” – but the norm before had me put on unhealthy fat.  I’m encouraged, and full.  Nuff said!