Through adversity, strength is nurtured Modern Monika proverb

This week started out great, I was in “honeymoon phase”.  The program was new, commitment was high, and enthusiasm high.  Today is Friday, and I’ve had a couple challenges.  Here’s my recap – and what I did:

Challenge 1:  Running late with kids needing morning attention – have to get to work and not prepared for day’s food program.

Solution:  Regroup quickly – protein shake to go – hard boiled egg whites and veggies for lunch with tuna pack and handful of salad greens for afternoon snack.  Not the best – not too tasty – but kept to plan.

Learning:  PLAN AHEAD –  make sure to have quick items on hand to take with you on any situation.  If not – try to keep to the plan by reverting  to basics.

Challenge 2:  Last minute change in plans – have to attend unexpected event.

Solution – Stop by grocery store on way to event.  Get salad greens, a cucumber, some broccoli and a grilled chicken sandwich from the deli case.  Ask for a plastic container from same deli area.  Remove the soggy bun from the sandwich – throw away INSTANTLY.   Chop up chicken and veggies on container – add salad dressing you now always carry in your cold bag in a trunk (see Learning 1) and have lunch on the fly.


Challenge 3: Naysayers who either say “You don’t need to do that” or “You should eat fill-in-the-blank” or worse – don’t say anything – but eat in front of you!

Solution:  Be STRONG!  Remember this is for YOU and your health!  Jump Start was tough, this is the next step.  Keep with what is working for you.  If you have a morsel of indescretion – DON”T give in to a mouthful.  Move away, modify your behavior – congratulate yourself for your focus, and begin again.

Learning:  Just like Josh Hamilton, we are all human.  Recognize an error, take a breath, move on with a positive attitude. Recommit, and tell yourself – “I can do this!!!”

My biggest hurrah this week – I FOUND MY WAIST!!!

It returned after a 1.5yr hibernation and is rapidly being invited to come to the party!  Tomorrow my waist and I will b going for a 3mi hike – looking forward to the weekend, and the opportunity for some quality family time.

Next post – Superbowl Sunday – with the myriad of wings, beer and dips – what can I eat?????